Friday, July 11, 2008

Rescued WGSD!

So I pulled Buddy from the Beaufort Animal Shelter. Read his story:

He was suppose to be euthinized yesterday morning, but they ran out of time! Thank God!

He doesn't know any commands, but he doesn't pull on the leash, he is dog friendly, people friendly, and he doesn't bark then scare people like Behr. He could be very mellow right now because of his heartworm. :-(((

Will calls it the Underground Railroad for Dogs. Did you know people all over the US work together to find a dog that is up for being euthinized, they pull it, find a rescue organization to fund the money to get it's health up to par, and the rescue posts to then find it a forever home while a family fosters it in their home? Well I'm fostering Buddy for a week. Then my friend (the pro) Michelle, will get him to foster.

Okay truth the whole "foster" word may not be in my vocabulary (just like Jay pointed out it's not in Kim's <--my other dog loving friend).
I think Will is in heaven:

I've emailed this update to some friends....and Not a one has commented or responded! So I'm taking that as you're saying if you can't say something nice, you don't say anything at all. :-(

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Laura said...

Amy, First, the foster is beautiful!!! Call me and fill me in. Second, we used Tommy at Charleston School for Dogs for Tucker. He is GREAT!!! Let us know if there is anything we can do to help with the foster (if he remains that way). Miss you!