Monday, October 19, 2009

Behr's Weekend Visit

To the trainer's house!
I'm super excited about this boarding/training opportunity with Charleston School for Dogs.

We will hand him off this Friday and pick him up late Sunday night.
So I'm sure he will be able to set the table, do multiplication facts, and tap dance when we return! Nah, but maybe down faster, heel closer, and keep his cool around the very smart GSD's that live there!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Dinner play date!

For the first time ever, we were invited to dinner and Jade was invited too!

So it was a dinner doggy play date!
My students love hearing my dog has play dates, since that is the sort of thing they do often!

Here is Jade with Pumpkin!


I love yards, I love the grass, I LOVE to roll....please get us a yard!

Traveling to see Pat

...I really wanted to write Grandma, but figure that would get me in trouble!

What a smart girl, your bully stick right in the cup holder will help!

Yea I know I-26 sucks. We will be there soon!