Sunday, November 14, 2010


February 2006 Married
July 2006 Bought a house
?? Sheena
June 2007 Brought Jade home
April 2008 Got Behr
August 2008 Picked up Buddy, not intending to keep him...

Wow that was quick, time to get Gazelle Intense and buy a yard!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Buddy Crate"

Well Buddy turns 4 years old on Friday, but he's still not to be trusted. He destroyed the house today!

Around rest time 12:45pm Will texted me photos of the house. I will post photos if I can get them from Will.

Today was Buddy's fifth and last day in house as a free dog. I'm not sure what all he tore up. I know of magazines, a wicker basket, and he ate an entire bag of $11.00 dog treats--possibly the bag too.

So here are some reasons crates are a good thing and not awful, sad, torturous things your dog should never have to get in. Jade and Behr love them, and look for them now that they are in the garage and are only used on the cleaning lady day.

  • Housetrain (he is less likely to tinkle where he sleeps)
  • Protection (so he doesn't ingest harmful things)
  • Protect your property (so he doesn't ruin your things)
To begin we fed the pups in their crate with the door open so they would begin to love the crate. We also would toss treats inside from time to time. The crates are in the family room, but we've read many books and articles discussing location between family room or bedroom. Bedroom isn't an option for us right now. (Cat and I'm allergic to dogs)