Sunday, July 13, 2008

Night 2

Buddy did great during the night. No accidents, no throwing up. However, he has kennel cough. :-( I'm not willing to continue putting my dogs at risk by fostering. We just don't have the room, okay that's a lie, I don't have the heart to separate and exclude one from our pack. We do everything together.

Last night and today I'm feeling better about the whole situation. I am okay with letting Michelle foster him into good health. She's a great person for that, and has a very calming dog named Maggie. While over here we have two rambunctious teenagers. Since Buddy ignores their play, I'm thinking he must feel really bad.

Last night I laid on the floor parallel with Buddy and just rubbed him. He keeps his eyes closed the whole time. After my roller coaster of emotions yesterday I got to thinking the one thing that I really don't like is being patient. I want him on meds, taken care of, on the way to recovery Right Now. I don't want to wait for a rescue with the funds. I think that is where this all started. But things are better now.

If in 6 months he is ready for adoption, and we still want him, we'll try! Even with Will's comments of the whole well that's 6 months we could have bonded with him and trained him. Anyway, it'll be alright. Buddy needs to rest now. We'll still have 10+years after that left.

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Candi said...

You don't know me, but Michelle gave me the link to your BLOG. I am a foster home for FBRN(French Bulldog Rescue Network).

Of course we volunteer to foster for the breed we love!! The breed we love has driven us to be better people and how else do we pay them back?

Fostering is definately not for the light at heart. There are some that can not do it, but here are some things that may help you through this. First, although they touch your heart remember their needs over your own attachment. Sometimes a foster home is the best forever home it is your job to determine if that is the case.
Second, each dog you foster and place give you the opprotunity to pay bag the breed you love with each one you save. If you try to keep them all, you can't help the next one that may need you. Third, if it did not break your heart you would not be humane. I think almost all of us cry when it's time for our foster to go on the their Happily ever after.

As far as adoption can make up for the negatives with positives. Lack of yard, give exact exercise schedule, play at the dog park,....Other pets, give examples of interaction with other animals, people and kids. Kids one day..Don't worry about that until it happens. Don't borrow trouble.

We also expose are dogs when we foster, but in the big picture that is a small sacrifice. Most ailments, Kennel Cough, Fleas, etc are all treatable and temporary. Buddy's foster and heartworm treatment is the difference between never and forever.

Lastly, you are doing a remarkable job. All of the info in your posts show that your heart is in the right place and you are doing everything that this boy needs.

I'm sorry this is so long.
I hope you reconsider foster for the babies that needs us.