Saturday, October 23, 2010

Canine Good Citizen

Jade passed AKC's CGC Program yesterday! I was a little set up, but that was probably good. I went to training under the impression that we were going to practice the items I didn't think she could pass. Tommy ran us through the actual test, and at one point I said, "Oh so this is how we practice this one?" Corday replied, "Um, no this is the test."

If I had known I was walking into the test I would have been on edge and Jade would have sensed it. I wouldn't have been so relaxed like it was a regular private lesson like I thought and it really was, not so "scary"

But as I look back under the training label on my blog CGC has come up since 2008 and then April 2009, so it's about time! Just the other day I made two lists a before I pregnant list and a bucket list. On the before I get pregnant list I wrote 2 out of 3 dogs 1 down but holy crap the next one is gonna be a challenge!

Yay! Jade you have come a long way. Just watching you yesterday was amazing my standards for you are so high that I think you can't do so much, but when I step back you really can and I don't give you credit.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Parlor Tricks

It's so amazing how most of this stuff was hard for us at one point, but now it's so easy even if we haven't practiced it in a year!
You can't hear me, but I am calling one dog at a time.

This video shows leave it, but at the end I should have gotten all my treats back in the bag before I said release!

Another leave it. In the end Behr has 16 treats on his legs!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Declawing Cats

Just came here in vent...thank God I don't like confrontation, although maybe I should, I'm certain the world would be a better place if I told you how and when you are f*cking up.

How do you know declawing doesn't hurt?

Declawing is actually an amputation of the last joint of your cat's "toes". Gross and you did this since your next house doesn't allow pets? Find a new damn place to live, it was the nicest house for that reason ---no pets.

You did this to all 3 of your cats!
Why did your last beloved cat die?? Oh that's right complications within the same year it got out of your house and practically mutilated since it couldn't protect itself, it was also declawed.

Want to see surgery here--I didn't look at these.

Don't worry Sheena you are safe we will not be cutting/ laser if that makes you feel better off the last section of your toes. Tear up our house if you like, we adopted you, and we take the responsibility for you without amputation.