Monday, July 28, 2008

Returned to their owner

During the visit at Mama's house in Columbia I took Jade out and saw two Mini-Australian Shepherds. So I grabbed their collar and took them in the basement. Mama is yelling at me I don't want stray dogs in my house...I was like really? They are together and they are the same breed. Not strays, these were pets.

Only one had a tag, rabies tag, so I called the vet. I got in touch with someone at the work number and they contacted the owners. The owner called me back and came within 5 minutes. "They got away from me this morning" UHHH unresponsible! They were very hungry and very cuddly, thought the couch was home, but had been swimming in the creek.

I can't believe I didn't yell at the owner. If they had separated the one without tags might not have been rehomed. I know they could have had chips, but that doesn't matter! Ends up they have 3 of this breed, I hope they take better care of them next time.

A Visit with Mama and Rod

I forced myself upon Mama and Rod this past week. Mama didn't really want us because she was worried about her cat. However, I packed Jade up and we went anyway.

Now let me tell you about her cat. His name was "Tiger," but she changed it to Slim. He is a 22 pound cat that would have been euthinized if I hadn't adopted him for her! He came from Charleston SPCA.

I should have been worried about Jade! Slim doesn't have claws but he doesn't need them, at least with Jade she is so sweet. Slim looks like a Butterball Turkey, these pictures underestimate his weight!

My "Niece and Nephews"

Awww...other dogs like my toys too!

This is Austin, a 7 year old (Kim correct me if I'm wrong) small mix from Greenwood, SC animal shelter.

This is Shelby, a 3 year old female medium sized mix from Charleston, SC animal shelter.
They are both living the life in Florence, SC
Eddie, 3 year old male from Greenville, SC!Charlie AKA Turkey...found Thanksgiving weekend on the side of the road. Jenwilli just melted and took him in! I gave Charlie a toy and he ran around the backyard throwing it in the air for hours! He was totally entertaining himself.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

And Mabel's Off!

When I went to get Mabel out of the crate she was on her back, all sprawled out, and just cute!
Mabel and Will left around 6:10 this morning. Before they left I couldn't get her to potty for anything. So he'll stop at the rest area around Summerville. Good Luck Mabel on your journey today!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Our first transport~Mabel

Will is transporting Mabel to Columbia, SC on the first leg of her very long trip tomorrow. He will leave really early like 6am, so we went to pick her up tonight. I know Michelle doesn't wake up on the weekends until double digits ;-)We switched Buddy for Mabel.

Dear Foster Mama Michelle,

This lady is just like you she keeps trying to take pictures of me. But just like I did with you I keep running up to her, and she keeps trying.

I got to meet two other dogs tonight. I was very well behaved just like you taught me to be. The small one Jade is really nice and calm. But that big black one, Behr he's a bit much, so they put him in the kitchen.

I do miss you. I keep hanging out by the door in hopes that we come back to your house. I am so thankful for you. You are my angel thank you so much for saving me and giving me a chance to have a great life. I promise I will make a family very happy to have me.


P.S. I'll be okay in the car tomorrow and I'll let you know when I get to my new home!

For my friends who don't know her story this is what she looked like 20 days ago!

We say good-bye to Buddy

Tonight we drove Buddy to be with his new foster mama. I told Michelle, his new foster mama I'd probably stalk their house to come see him! They live very close to us, so we can still see him.
Here are some more pictures.

We couldn't decide if he was lazy or just smart!

I went upstairs to shower, this is what I found when I returned!

You don't know how powering the feels to be surrounded by such size and energy!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Update on Us Day 5

Thank heavens Will beat me home to find both #1 and #2 in Buddy's crate! Thankfully he didn't get in it, so he is still clean. Let me tell you I've only picked up two of his #2's and it takes both hands in the bag to pick it all up, it's HUGE!

Oh and this morning I bailed on our 5:30am walk...well I didn't get extra sleep! Behr, Jade, and Will left for their walk. Now Buddy doesn't bark. He howls! So maybe he does have more wolf in him than we thought!

This afternoon Buddy had much energy. I don't know where it came from, but he also started chewing on our toys. He and Behr were running as fast as they could from one end of the house to the other, no traction...we took up all the area rugs! I had to stop it quick, Buddy should not be playing.

Will is taking Buddy to Michelle's house tomorrow to meet the home visit vet to possibly begin treatment for heartworm. I am so excited this is finally happening. I'll update you tomorrow with news from the vet.

Oh and tomorrow I get the walky dog. This means I've got to go to Target and get a helmet. I can't wait to safely bike with Behr, I'll post a picture.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Nothing new to report

Buddy is the same. It's kinda neat how Behr almost knows he can't play. He doesn't rough house with him, like he does Jade. However, the fact that Buddy should have the energy Behr has and doesn't is very sad.

I am feeling better about the situation. Not as rocky or roller-coaster like as I have been before.

Funny Buddy Stories:
While I took Jade and Behr out together Sunday morning. Buddy snuck upstairs and laid his head on Will's pillow!
Then while I took a shower and Will was working out in the garage, I put Buddy in the kitchen with the baby gate. When I got out of the shower he was comfy on the couch!

More later! Thanks for reading and all your nice thoughts!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Night 2

Buddy did great during the night. No accidents, no throwing up. However, he has kennel cough. :-( I'm not willing to continue putting my dogs at risk by fostering. We just don't have the room, okay that's a lie, I don't have the heart to separate and exclude one from our pack. We do everything together.

Last night and today I'm feeling better about the whole situation. I am okay with letting Michelle foster him into good health. She's a great person for that, and has a very calming dog named Maggie. While over here we have two rambunctious teenagers. Since Buddy ignores their play, I'm thinking he must feel really bad.

Last night I laid on the floor parallel with Buddy and just rubbed him. He keeps his eyes closed the whole time. After my roller coaster of emotions yesterday I got to thinking the one thing that I really don't like is being patient. I want him on meds, taken care of, on the way to recovery Right Now. I don't want to wait for a rescue with the funds. I think that is where this all started. But things are better now.

If in 6 months he is ready for adoption, and we still want him, we'll try! Even with Will's comments of the whole well that's 6 months we could have bonded with him and trained him. Anyway, it'll be alright. Buddy needs to rest now. We'll still have 10+years after that left.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

First and Last

We just went to visit Michelle who will be Buddy's next foster mama. I told her my concerns about wanting to keep him. She reminded me that he is mellow now because he is sick. He will change once he is healthy and he still we be intact. That could cause us problems with Behr. Then he will get fixed and he could change even more.

However, whatever happens I will not foster a dog again. I'll help in other ways financially, donationing, or transporting. I can't do throat hurts, and I don't cry, ever. Will seems so upset. I don't know what I want. After I left Michelle's house I was okay with her fostering then us possibly adopting him. However, I've seen rescue applications and they are hard. We don't have a yard, we have a small home. We already have two dogs and a cat. We will probably have a child one day. All of these things will be working against us. Even if we do train and exercise like mad and have the perfect work schedules.

I feel good because Buddy isn't dead. But I feel bad too for many reasons. I just kinda feel sick. I had no idea this would be so hard. Why didn't I listen to those who told me to back off? Why didn't I rescue a breed we don't love?

Michelle has done much work trying to find a rescue that will fund Buddy. She gone to a lot of trouble. I so just want to tell her to stop, we will fund it all, and keep him. I don't know what to do...I think I'll call my mama.

Buddy's First Night

So he gobbled down his food. Seemed fine, snuck into gobble two bites of Jade's food. He's sneaky! To sleep we put Behr in the kitchen with the baby gate, and Buddy in the big crate. Got that?

Thankfully the big crate is big enough because at some point between midnight and 7am Buddy threw up in the crate. It didn't get on him, I'm SO surprised and he didn't eat it. He didn't whine or bark. Will said he didn't want to get in the crate initially and he had to verbally correct him because he was pawing at the crate door. Partially our fault we usually don't lock the bottom. So we've, ok Will has taken the tray from the bottom of the crate out side and sprayed it off.

So far this morning Behr and Jade are being really playful, they need a walk. But Buddy is just laying behind me as I type. I hope he's okay. I'm being really impatient with this HW treatment process and finding a vet to do it for less money and someone to help pay for it. I just want to scoop him up pay for it all and start treatment. However, I "know" this is a foster.

I'm going to meet Michelle and Mabel today and hopefully she will have some news for me and Buddy. I'll let you know what happens. Then I can talk to Michelle about foster vs. forever home. Can we do it financially forever? Upfront costs, yes. For 12+ years....times 3 all the same age, teenagers! times 3 vaccs and 3 meds and 3 kennels for vacations!

I'm pretty sure we gotten rid of any houseguests that were planning on ever visiting. I'll never have to use all this fine china at Thanksgiving or Christmas because no one will come, as Mama says, "we'll have hair in our mac-n-cheese!"

Friday, July 11, 2008

Buddy's Bath

Buddy has now had a flea bath! He is even cleaner. When we got him from the groomer they say he is wonderful and well mannered and to please bring him back again. They would be delighted to have him. I'm like great that's just what I need to hear in my "attempting to be a foster mama stage," but failing!

He is much more comfy. He is sleeping a lot and he isn't suppose to rough house, so we are like the police around here. All because of heartworms.

Obviously he's still "intact" I couldn't handle all those parts in my picture, so the next one has LESS parts showing!

And yes, Will is in love!
But how can you not be look at this face!

Rescued WGSD!

So I pulled Buddy from the Beaufort Animal Shelter. Read his story:

He was suppose to be euthinized yesterday morning, but they ran out of time! Thank God!

He doesn't know any commands, but he doesn't pull on the leash, he is dog friendly, people friendly, and he doesn't bark then scare people like Behr. He could be very mellow right now because of his heartworm. :-(((

Will calls it the Underground Railroad for Dogs. Did you know people all over the US work together to find a dog that is up for being euthinized, they pull it, find a rescue organization to fund the money to get it's health up to par, and the rescue posts to then find it a forever home while a family fosters it in their home? Well I'm fostering Buddy for a week. Then my friend (the pro) Michelle, will get him to foster.

Okay truth the whole "foster" word may not be in my vocabulary (just like Jay pointed out it's not in Kim's <--my other dog loving friend).
I think Will is in heaven:

I've emailed this update to some friends....and Not a one has commented or responded! So I'm taking that as you're saying if you can't say something nice, you don't say anything at all. :-(

Monday, July 7, 2008

Charleston School for Dogs

Tommy the owner comes to our house tomorrow for our first visit/lesson! I'm so excited and nervous. But I am glad Tommy will get to observe them in our small environment.

Update: WOW, we are very's gonna be a well spent $700

The dogs were so tired after he left, they went straight to sleep.
Is it me or does Will's shoes seem to be in the background of every picture?

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Minty Stars

I just love this book Healthy Doggie Biscuits by Jonna Anne.
"A whole-grain cookie with mint to aid digestion and blackstrap molasses for a healthy coat. The frest mint gives frest breath, stimulates the digestive juices, and can relieve colic." J.Anne

Here is another fabulous recipe that I made today.
30 treats
15 min prep time

4 C whole wheat flour
3/4 C fresh mint chopped
4 T vegetable oil
4 T molasses (blackstrap ONLY) or honey
1/2 C water

Blend flour and mint. Add remaining ingredients and mix well. Make or cut shapes. Bake at 350 for 40 min. or until golden brown.

It is important that you don't use regular molasses, from what I've found online that along with sugar, and sugar cane are bad for dogs. P.S. Dogs with cancer should not have these sweet treats at all.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Kennel

I hate taking Behr and Jade to the kennel! Jade has only been once and this was Behr's first time with us. We went to Pooch Island Inn on John's Island. Thankfully it was far away from any fireworks!

Will and I both dreamed about them while on our annual family trip to North Litchfield Beach. Silly, I know. While I was there I researched the dog friendly homes. There are only two. 1 has 6 bed/7bath with a pool and pool table for $4000, don't think so! The other is doable, but my Mama isn't our our side about bringing the dogs.

We now have two hyped up dogs that need much exercise. I was so excited to get home. I was hoping my bike dog leash had arrived. NOPE!