Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Behr and Jade's Challenge

**If you are just catching up, please scroll down and watch Buddy on the next post, his video is more entertaining.

Buddy did so well with The Dog Fighter toy I was a little hesitant to try it with the other two dogs. However, I have the day off so Behr got his turn next. He is not food driven at all. He prefers a ball. So I put cheese inside as a treat. This is on the easy level. I think I can teach Behr to take each piece out and bring it to me in my hand.

Jade's turn came last. Keep in mind Jade gets excited very easily and when I get excited it's even worse. She barks often during training and when she doesn't understand what I want from her that escalates the barking as well.

This video is painfully slow and I ended up turning it off, no one wants to watch an 8 minute clip!


Codie said...

Looks like Jade was the only one that used her paw to steady the toy. Just found that interesting.

Amy said...

I didn't notice that one Codie, I'll have to watch again. They have all gotten so much faster now. I will have to re-post!