Saturday, December 18, 2010

Missing Sheena

Oh Sheena I sure do you miss you! This week I've looked around for you, thought I heard your raspy meow, or heard you digging in the litter box. There are so many things you did for me, and I will always love you dearly! You were the best cat I've ever had.

Here are some things I miss:
Looking up from the couch and you sitting on top step just thinking "come to bed"
Sliding my feet as I walk around so I don't step on you
Worried about grabbing my scarf under the bed you could be lurking and think that I wanna play
Late night cat zoomies with random socks left in odd places
Lifting the toilet seat and you'd come running for a good brushing
Putting on jewelry at my dresser you jump from foot board over to greet me
Walking past the bed where you sleep, I swear 20 hours a day, and you swat me on the butt
Hiding my hands under the covers, so I didn't have to pet you (sorry about that)
But most of all...
Being my snuggle bug and sleeping with me almost nightly. In the crook of my arm, or near my belly under or over the covers, or by my feet. I love and miss you very very much.

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