Friday, December 17, 2010


Awake at 4am so sick, but only one day of work left...

There are two posts that are incredibly significant, but I have been sick and so busy I haven't had time.
Dec 8th Sheena had her teeth cleaned and had some removed.
Dec 15th We had a horrible horrible accident and forgot to lock Buddy in his crate. He tore up some presents, magazines, treat bag, and laid on the couch downstairs. Then hw went upstairs and killed Sheena. There is a just a huge post I want to write about that awful event and how much I terribly miss her and I keep looking for her.

However, what is really bothering me are a few comments from about three people.
Things like he will keep on killing--like who? a dog, a human? that's all we have left inside...
At least it was the cat and not your baby--prey drive doesn't mean attack on human, or visa versa.
You'll just have to get rid of him, have you thought of sending him in to be a police dog, to do that attacking on some bad guys?
He should know better, Sheena was in the house first.

Really. You can't just send an adult away to go sniff bombs. You can't stop prey drive, at least completely. You also can't start it- see Jade posts, fail things like agility, retrieve, motivation, overweight. This was a HUGE accident.
Any mother would never leave work with a baby in the house left upstairs. It's simple, dogs aren't trusted. You gotta pee? baby pees with you, or the baby is left in the crib with the door shut, or all dogs are kenneled with the baby elsewhere.

Listen we aren't pregnant, and we aren't getting pregnant anytime soon. I know this sounds absurd but pets are my life, and yes changing my plans to not have kids for dogs is what I'm doing. It sounds nuts to most--but it's what's important to me. I've never been passionate about something, well this is it. When we do get pregnant, I have plenty of dog savvy friends that aren't the above mentioned people that will give feedback on the current dog situation. I also THINK I have a good head on my shoulders but just to be sure, I am calling a behaviorist to come out. I'm also calling our trainer, but that's more for support. If these folks say one ditch him that's different, but those can folks shut up. It's so hard not to tell them that.

To my friends who didn't say anything and just said, I'm sorry about Sheena. Thank you so much, I didn't realize how thankful I should have been for you until now. Even if you called each other and made the above comments, you at least didn't say them to me. In a few days you can come back and say now I'm worried about your crazy ass German Shepherd, you know I realize they aren't easy.

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Two Crazy Coaches said...

Oh how my heart just breaks for you right now. Huge hugs from our home to yours.