Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our new Family picture minus Sheena

I thought if they all got on the couch it would work...NOT, do you see that smirk on Will's face?

This was actually the first picture taken! It's great. Thanks Susan!!


Kim said...

These pictures are so funny. It reminds me of trying to get all of the kids to be serious at school and take a picture.

Meghan said...

I absolutely love the pics! What a beautiful family.

Sara Graham said...

Hi Amy! It's Sara Graham, Justin's client who worked out w/ Will while Justin was gone and Becky has babysat for me. Does any of that ring a bell? Anyway, today, I asked Will if you still had your longer hair and he said you cut it off. I love it!! You are too cute, girl! Oh, and I love your other blog, too! I have a GREAT meatball recipe from a real Italian, if you are interested. Let me know!