Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our Mountain Trip

On the road:
Just layin' on each other

Jade at my feet when she needed her own space.

On our long Labor Day weekend we loaded up and headed home for Millers Creek, NC. It took us about 6 hours to get there.
Will picked me up from school at 3:00 in the carpool line. We were on the road about 30 minutes and Buddy throws up! Note: don't feed dogs the day of travel.

We got home and let the dogs out. To my surprise we didn't use leashes and they just hung out with us. Will's family owns a lot of property on the side of a mountain with a river it is just awesome place for the dogs, especially ones that live in an apartment.

We went swimming both days. Day 1 they found the mud hole!

The dogs also met Katie the I didn't see this but I did see the damage. Will decided (which now he says was a REALLY dumb idea) to grab Katie away from Buddy and Behr. Katie proceeded to claw Will's neck so much she couldn't get her nail back out. She also bit his hands multiple times. He still can't wear his wedding band it is so swollen!

We did some yard work and the dogs ran with the truck, then rode back with me and Susan (MIL) in the bed of the truck. They loved it, and I loved seeing them get to do these activities.

We hope to make it back again soon with the dogs. I was surprised we were invited back, but it really was easy since they didn't run off and stayed on the wrap around porch when we were inside. It was kinda odd many times I'd peek outside and they had free range, but would be on the porch and Behr would be in the crate we took for Buddy.

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