Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Sept. 12th Update

Buddy went to see the vet about heartworm treatment today. The vet saw no other symptoms of HW so he said we should wait until it cools down. I'm thinking, uh January? But no he said Nov. 1st. So we are to put him on heartguard and make an appointment then.

Will said the vet was really proud, kinda wowwed when Will told them our routine, exercise, brand of food and all. Go us! (Really thank the pet nesties) Now we need to "upgrade" Sheena!

If you want to know about dog food look here:
Under Reviews you should be feeding a 4 star food at the least! If you have to look or you buy the food at the grocery store, it's probably a big fat 1....ours was before we switched.

Speaking of food....Will also made reservations at the almost booked kennel for Christmas today! They said they feed "premium food" Bil-Jac...once again it's a 1....premium to who? I wish I'd have heard that, I would have said something!

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The Arc said...

Good luck!

Ps- he have something for you ... swing by when you have a chance