Saturday, October 23, 2010

Canine Good Citizen

Jade passed AKC's CGC Program yesterday! I was a little set up, but that was probably good. I went to training under the impression that we were going to practice the items I didn't think she could pass. Tommy ran us through the actual test, and at one point I said, "Oh so this is how we practice this one?" Corday replied, "Um, no this is the test."

If I had known I was walking into the test I would have been on edge and Jade would have sensed it. I wouldn't have been so relaxed like it was a regular private lesson like I thought and it really was, not so "scary"

But as I look back under the training label on my blog CGC has come up since 2008 and then April 2009, so it's about time! Just the other day I made two lists a before I pregnant list and a bucket list. On the before I get pregnant list I wrote 2 out of 3 dogs 1 down but holy crap the next one is gonna be a challenge!

Yay! Jade you have come a long way. Just watching you yesterday was amazing my standards for you are so high that I think you can't do so much, but when I step back you really can and I don't give you credit.

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