Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Designer Mixes

My very good friend, Mike just got a "Labradoodle" for his family. If it's from a shelter, I would do a back flip, but I'm afraid it has been purchased. I can't explain how I'm feeling about this one, my heart is racing, I just want to educate the world. I love giving out unsolicited advice, although it always falls on deaf ears.
Not a good thing!

Designer Mutts

If you must have one, there is a specific rescue just for this type. That's how many are sadly being bred.

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Meghan said...

Oh heck, I hate when this happens. Keep educating and hopefully someone will listen and refrain the next time.

Some don't realize that there are millions of animals put to sleep in shelters every year.

Others think that they're "saving" the dog, when in reality they are supporting a crappy industry.