Friday, May 22, 2009

Lessons remembered...

While watching Marley and Me I remembered these things!

Things to do:
Adopt, don't shop
Crate your dog
Supervise outside play
Use a leash
Use a leash, especially in the car or at the beach
Tether your puppy when potty training
Exercise your dog before going to group lessons
Expect respect
Treat for all four paws on the ground
Prong collars can be your friend
Correct for excessive barking and whining
Hire a confident dog sitter or a great kennel
Feed on a schedule
Train your dog prior to having kids, so you don't ever think of re-homing him
Feed something other than puppy chow/alpo/science diet

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the movie. But it was kind of like watching a train wreck.


Kim said...

Lol! I am speechless. You are too funny.

Jaimie Lee Reda said...

I learned a lot from this blog. :-)